so yeah I play a lot of fighting games as a hobby, I'm not *good* at any of them for sure (my greatest achievement was probably getting like 5th place in a 16 person Touhou Hisotensoku local tournament), but I always find a lot of fun in them. anyways, here's a list of what I usually play and who I usually play in them:

Tekken 7: Asuka, Leo, Xiaoyu
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Asuka, Leo, Miharu, Jun, occasionally Kunimitsu and Angel
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle: Chie/Yang, Chie/Azrael
Chaos Code: Bravo Peperoncine
DOA5 Last Round: Tina, Mila, Hitomi
Fighting EX Layer: Blair Dame, Sanane
KOFXIV: Athena, Love Heart, 3rd main TBA
Mortal Kombat X: Mileena [Piercing], Tanya [Dragon Naginata]
Jackie Chan Fists of Fire: Kim Maree
Melty Blood: Aoko Aozaki [Full Moon]
Virtua Fighter 5: Aoi Umenokoji, Vanessa Lewis
Asuka 120%: Torami Hojo, Ryuko Yamazaki
KOF2000: Athena, other mains TBA
KOF2002: May Lee, Athena, Vanessa
Killer Instinct: Hisako, Kim Wu
Breakers: Tia Langray
Neo Turf Masters: Robert Landolt