REDMAXX Wrestling

The Underground Wrestling Fight Club

The Underground Wrestling Fight Club, REDMAXX, began in 2015 as an offshoot of its sister promotion, Neopure Wrestling, before evolving over time to become something uniquely all its own. The promotion promises hard-hitting, bloody fights, with minimal rules and decisive winners for every bout. Initially starting in the WWE 2K games, in 2021 REDMAXX migrated to Fire Pro Wrestling World and has never looked back since.

REDMAXX was previously streamed on Twitch but going forward, each match will be posted individually on Sasha's Youtube channel and posted here along with the results, as well as any necessary story beats that may pop up.

The REDMAXX Roster (as of 1/16/22)

Match Results:

The Story So Far (All Match Results from Episodes 1-6 and The Nightmare of Salem)

The Story So Far: Maximum Queens 2021 (All Match Results from Episodes 7-11)

1/17/2022 - Episode 12: Maximum Queens 2021: Winners Round 2 & Losers Round 3

Current Champions as of 1/16/2022:

Hover over each champion's name to see when and how they won the title!

Queen's Crown Heavyweight Champion:

Salem Graves

Triple-X Openweight Champion:

Rosa Corazon

Highspeed Jr. Heavyweight Champion:

Jupyter X

Double Trouble Tag Team Champions:

The Kindred (Molly Logan & Bea Karnstein)

Power-25 Openweight Champion:

Helena Ghastille